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New release - Saxophone, slab serif


Hight contrasted "Saxophone Soprano" and "Saxophone Baritone".

With lively Stylistic Alternatives in capital letters, "Saxophone" font family is an metaphorical equalent of the instrument which can be used almost in all music genres.

Available from:

http://Luth Norway
Ascender Corp.

Start of "Saxophone" - Slab Serif


This is my first slab serif ever done (or tried). The aim was to make something like mixture of geometrical flows and strong, stable shapes and to make a more modern look of usually sharp shaped slab serifs.

So far, I'm thinking about making also Italic for this one and probably that would be the whole family, even I tried to make something like Regular and Light versions of this "Bold" that you see, but so far, I'm not so sure about doing that.

I didn't showed numbers 6 and 9, cause I'm not pretty satisfied how thay are looking currently.
No spacing and kerning applied in this samples.

Any constructive comments are welcomed!

* I updated PDF.