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Import Kerning from AFM

Using FontLab 5, Windows.
I'm creating an OTF font from a few Type1 fonts. One of the type one fonts is a small cap font. To get the kerning pairs from the old Type1 font into my new font I thought I could pull the Type1 into FontLab and export the AFM file. Then open the AFM in a text editor and change all the lowercase characters to my small cap glyphs.

For instance:
KPX A c -18
KPX A Csmall -18
where Csmall is the name of my small cap c. But it isn't working and I can't see why!

From the AFM file I'm also deleting all the kern pairs I won't need, like:
KPX A T -74
as it's already in there from having procesed the "regular" text.

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