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Font with Kerning only works in TextEdit



I am trying to generate my new font I have created, but am having serious trouble with the kerning. I have tried a plethora of different options, but nothing seems to be working. Basically, I export my font, but the kerning rarely shows up in applications. I know there is a kerning table, though, because the font works correctly in TextEdit (mac).

I am using Fontlab Studio. When I try the font in Photoshop and Microsoft Word, it does not kern. Are there any ideas as to why this would be? Thank you very much in advanced.

Problem with Appearance of Slight Diagonals in Contours


I am in the early stages of developing a chromatic face that, by design, employs a lot of slight diagonals (1 to 5 degrees off the horizontal or vertical). The glyphs are made to look as if they were formed by folding strips of paper (I know, I know it's been done before). In addition to the pair of companion chromatic fonts within the family (each representing a different side of the strip of paper), I want to make a monotone version that somehow achieves the 2-sided effect without the use of multiple colors.

The solution I've arrived at to simulate that 2-sided effect is to, in the areas representing the back of the strip of paper, block or mask out strokes that run parallel with the strip. The problem I've encountered in testing the viability of this solution is that the edges of the strokes (set at the aforementioned slight diagonal angles), as well as the edges of some of the solid sections, appear quite "jaggy" when I test the PS OpenType font in Illustrator or InDesign.

Dollar sign ($) and - sign appearing out of nowhere glitch problem

I just got through creating a font and when I applied it to a random letter I typed in TextEdit (mac) 2 random $ signs appear on the page. They can't be deleted. They are not glyphs. They are just stuck there and in fact it's possible to type over them and you can see them underneath the letters on top!

I sometimes don't see them and sometimes there are one or two, depending on what you type. Now I'm also seeing random - symbols that appear and change when I adjust the type size!

Anyone have any idea what the hell this is or how it can be fixed? God have mercy on the font designer that faces this. This is terrible.

I'd like to sell this font eventually and I can't have this glitch in it!

Thanks in advance to anyone that can help me out.