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Chef Script is an experimental font designed by Carlos Fabian Camargo G. Its fantasy design contains 1463 glyphs to compose words, phrases and short messages on small and large sizes. The idea was born in a sketchbook that was perfected again by hand and achieving "non-neutral drawings" on tracing paper. With bezier digitization the empty and full parts of letters appeared with soft and eloquent curves as calligraphic result produces optimal readability.

Hello people of typophile!

First of all, english is not my native language, so i hope not to make too much mistakes in my communication! I've been a reader of the forum for years, and by now I thought that my first post would have been for the release of a typeface, but nope.. not yet...

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Glyph Help

I am trying to find some glyphs like that in this image. (Under "location" and under "maine")

Any ideas?

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