Hello everyone,

I've been working on this font for over a year now, I've been putting it on and off and I'm hoping to finish it by the end of the year. Right now all I have is lowercase and will eventually work my way to numbers and glyphs.

I'll gladly appreciate any feedback and criticism.

Hi everybody, I hope you like our new release, available at MyFonts.

Greetings typophiles!

Does anyone know of any sans-serif typefaces of the 19th century from England? It's rather specific, but hope many typographically-knowledged folk here would know of some.

Cheers all!

Anyone recognize this font?

I found a few very similar to this one, but never 100%.
The 'M' is very specific. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

(Whatthefont also didn't gave good result, cause of the skewed image)

Hello Everyone,

I am having trouble recognising this font... Does anyone have a idea?

Thanx a lot in advance !


I've been seeing a few similar styled typefaces lately. They seem to share a similar aesthetic of the single story 'a' and usually have a slight awkward quality to them. Do you think most of these are made by the designers or are there typefaces like this out there?

A few I know that are similar are Neuzeit Grotesk, Planeta, of course Futura

I really like the way the 'e' terminal is cut almost awkardly short in the top example.

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