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Single storey "g" for German 'locl' substitute?

I'm making a big multilingual sans serif and by default, the "a" and the "g" are double storey. I do include the single story versions available by "salt" because this feature works virtually everywhere, where there is Opentype).

However, I've heard that the Germans mostly use the single story g. I've searched pictures of various street signs in Germany and Austria and I haven't found any double story g's.

Would it be ok to include 'locl' feature for German language to substitute only the g (while leaving the "a" double story)? I do understand that the single story g has its roots in Fraktur. And is it a German-only preference or the neighbour languages like Dutch, Danish, Swedish, etc. look more natural with a single storey g?

Charmingly awkward sans-serifs

I've been seeing a few similar styled typefaces lately. They seem to share a similar aesthetic of the single story 'a' and usually have a slight awkward quality to them. Do you think most of these are made by the designers or are there typefaces like this out there?

A few I know that are similar are Neuzeit Grotesk, Planeta, of course Futura

I really like the way the 'e' terminal is cut almost awkardly short in the top example.