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This is the link posted by zeno333 ( http://www.typophile.com/node/95122 ) to know what is your favorite letter. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F691weEVpwc
There is another thing towards the end of the video where Mr. Spiekermann criticizes Microsoft a lot. He goes to say that Microsoft is a company with bad tatse and stingy( since they didn't want to pay Linotype their license). He also says they commissioned Segoe to look like Frutiger and Arial to look like Helvetica.
I think Microsoft does a lot in the field of Typography(OpenType and VOLT). I also personally like Segoe UI more than Frutiger.
Do you think Mr. Spiekermann is right here?


My new project, a compact, solidly constructed realist sans serif that draws its influences from Germany.

It's only got one weight right now (hopefully over time I'll make this a large font family with 6 or 7 weights). I'd love some help getting the rhythm and consistency just right. I can spend hours just focused on one glyph, so it's hard to remember sometimes how crucial rhythm, weight and color are as well.

I just built it from scratch in 48 hours, but any input would be much appreciated!


! UPDATE (2/21): New pdf here!

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