Here are some nice retro fonts for cheap. I thought some of you would like this link.

Arabesque and Bon Air, two alphabets from two different centuries, are not what most people immediately think of when they think "wood type". These quirky script fonts simulate hand lettering from very different eras and are now brought into the digital age for the first time ever. A third font, Catchwords , brings a classic printshop resource into the digital designer's toolbox.

Detailed information regarding these releases, including the "Making Of The Font" feature, can be found at the Hamilton Wood Type Foundry website: here.

Any font identification would be much appreciated. The customer wants us to recreate some stationery using the font from a REALLY old business card.

Thank You

Hi there

I hope you can help me identifying this awesome font

Thanks all!!


hello everyone !! i'm new here. here's my first font basingstoke
Basingstoke is old fashioned typeface. inspired by old letterheads from the 19th century.
Find out more:
some preview:

thanks !!

I created an account just so I could ask this question:

What is the font used in this Media Kit? Specifically, what is the font used for the fancy "Ands" and "Thes" with the flourishes above/below. Is this even a font?

Your help is appreciated!

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Font ID needed

Looking for some feedback on this logo I designed for a photo restoration business I am starting. I wanted something with a retro/vintage feel, without being too kitschy. I think I have succeeded at that here, but I am looking for some outside opinion. Thanks.

Hi, I'm looking for an ID of both fonts used on this image of an old radio dial. Both the font that the numbers are in, and also the 'am' 'fm' font. Or just something very close would be great.


hi @ all,

i'm searching for the name of a special art-deco/retro font i've seen on a image at pixeden.
i've already tried and similar databases to find this one, but with no luck.
so i hope anyone of you can help me with this.

here are the pictures:

I'm wondering if anyone can identify some of these typefaces. So far I've only been able to figure out their use of Hellenic Wide (not in this example) and a typeface that looks close to Refrigerator and one that looks close to Kaufmann.

This is not a direct type ID, but I am hoping I can get some thoughts on an existing font that has similar properties.

I'm working on an identity project for a local emerging fashion designer and after having done a cursory evaluation of her brand, I'm on the hunt for a font to pair with it. We are going for old Hollywood with a modern and fresh twist. Jessica Hische is one of my design idols and I happened across a book cover she did and the look of it fits perfectly - if only she extrapolated this into a font!

Looks retro
Still very modern and fresh
Very clean
Slightly feminine

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Retro Font

Can Someone name that font?

I saw this nice looking typeface on one of Best Made Co.'s tote bags. I was wondering if anyone could ID it or if it's a handwritten font. It looks hand done but I'd guess probably based off a typeface. Thanks.

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Funky Retro script?

Hi Typophiles,

Can anyone help with this script font?
Or can suggest something similar?



Can anyone help me ID the retro script font used for "Mountain" on this stationary. Thanks!

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Name that Font!

I was wondering if someone could name this font for me? Its a lined retro sans serif. Any guess???
Thanks in advance for your time and consideration!

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Hi everyone!
Can someone please identify this numerals? If not, is there anything similar?

Thanks very much.

Looks to be like a run-of-the-mill brush type but need to have an exact identification for this particular one if possible. Thanks!

I'm looking for this typeface. A better look perhaps:

It has a distinctive Q too :

It's somewhat like Landry Gothic and Vitro Extra Bold, but it has a distinctive R.

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Retro Script

Retro script, possibly custom?

Dynatype, just released on MyFonts is on sale for a limited time at a 20% discount. Concurrent with this Introductory Sale, Alphabet Soup is also pleased to offer Dynatype's first 75 purchasers a special limited edition print:

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