I am trying to find the font used by Greek Olympic Air for their airplanes' registration.

I thought DIN and Arial Monospaced would be a good start. But DIN doesn't match at all and I am not really satisfied with Arial either.

Doesn't anyone here have a better idea which might be used (see attached image)?

Thanks in advance.


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Hello all,

I've designed a book cover (attached) for a small publishing company and it seems I won't be able to print it as a single spot colour (Pantone 546C), as I'd hoped. So I'll be sending over the final artwork in CMYK instead(C-91 M-15 Y-0 K-83). As well as text for the Title, Authors, Biogs, etc. the cover will include a lino print which I can mask and fill in Photoshop with the same colour value.

My concern are the oft-spoken about registration issues with small text in CMYK. Should I be concerned at all? Or, since the colour is quite dark anyway, should I change the text to K-100 only and leave the lino image in colour. Or is there something I'm missing?

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