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The perception of text (rhythm, texture and color)

I've recently been doing a lot more research and personal studies in type. I'm thinking of doing an elaborate study on the perception of text, where I set a page in a certain typeface and analyze why the text is being perceived in a certain way. For example, in Maiola has a rather rich texture so if I were to analyze this typeface, it would be predominantly a study in which specific elements cause the texture to increase.

HELP! Pasting complex paths from ai into Fontlab or Fontographer


In the past I have designed "textured" looking faces by rendering with pencil, photographing, tracing (in freehand mx at the time), then copy/pasting into fontographer. I recently have designed a face, rendered it in chalk, vectorized it and am now attempting to copy it from ai into Fontlab. I have even tried copying it into Fontographer. Is there anyone out there that can suggest a work flow that will help me achieve success? Are there preferences that I can change that I am missing?

Typography 2: Thumbnailing for different categories


Alright so I am asking for some suggestions of what to focus on to make about 12 thumbnails for each of the last two categories: Typographic Texture, & Structure/Proportion. I understand how to express the first two pretty easily, but these last two are stumping me. Could anybody give me some suggestions on how to display those last two categories in square compositions using Trade Gothic as my type family.