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Please help identify a font that would emulate a US Civil war era period letter style used by US newspapers (New York Times) and books or other publications of the time. Also, interested in knowing if there was an UC/lc letter style typically used for signage in public buildings of the time. I know Baskerville was used by the government for a time, but don't know if the use extended into the 1850's. I intend to use the font to carve a quote by Mr. Lincoln into wood and would like to be correct to the period. Thank you!

I'm looking for the variation on the classic New York Times font that can be found on the T Magazine website and in the print editions as a sub-header and occasionally header. Any help is greatly appreciated.

NY Times won't allow copying of images, so I only have links. And of the pages have it at the top, labeled "Women's Fashion", "Men's Fashion", "Design", "Travel", etc.

Try here
Or here

Thank you so much.

Does anyone know know who is responsible for the custom titles on the New York Times T Magazine headers, (obviously it's not a typeface):

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