Help Identifying font

I am looking to Identify this typeface, can anyone help, it would be greatly appreciated.



I'm trying to figure out what sans serif typeface the Colors magazine use for the general body copy.

Thanks in advance.

I need help with this font. anything?

Help Identifying this cyrillic font.

Hello all.

I'm getting a tattoo this summer and I've been looking for the right font. I was listening to this album the other day, and realized I really liked the font on it and think it would be perfect for my tattoo. Only trouble is, I have no idea what this font is called.

Help me out?



The sample is from a 1977 copy of Goeorge Orwell's 1984, published by HARCOURT BRACE INTERNATIONAL.

The closest I have found is Pall Mall RR Light, but Pall Mall RR Light was designed by Steve Jackman in 1992. Years after the book was published.

Any help identifying, would be greatly appreciated.

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Help Identifying fonts

Can anyone please tell me what fonts these are?


Does anyone have any idea what this font could be?

Many thanks

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