I am looking for a font similar to SF Movie Poster for headlines and pulled quotes to be used in a high school yearbook. My only problem with SF Movie Poster is that it does not come in any variations, so I would really like a font with at least 6 weight options. My other concern is budget. Being a high school in this economic situation means that we have no budget for anything extra, so the font will be funded by staff members. I'd love to keep it as close to $200 or less if possible, but if there's a free font out there, all the better!

Below you can see what I'm generally going for design wise. I have considered fonts like Helvetica Condensed Bold, Black, and other variations, but I'm not a fan of the R's. I really want something really crisp and clean like SF Movie Poster.

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Yearbook Fonts

So I'm taking over our Yearbook next year here at Newbury Park High School. I know it's early, but I'm working on mockups for next year because I'm reorganizing the whole thing. Currently we have a theme and each editor for each section applies that theme in their own method. This year it's digitized. I know. TERRIBLE. So next year, we're having a standard design. My co-editor Shanti and I have basic layouts done, but we're looking for the perfect fonts. We're a school, so we don't have a large budget for fonts. We need a title font (or as many as you want to name) and a body font. What has kept us stuck is pairing the two. Any ideas? Much Love, Christoph & Shanti!

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