Engraving Workshop

Engraving workshop this Friday. This is a breezy overview of what is contemporary, commercial "engraving".

Friday, March 18 @ 6:00pm
Loyola University New Orleans
Media Room 1
Monroe Library

(This workshop was also recently given at)
Tuesday, March 1 @ 5:00pm
Southeastern Louisiana University)

Each workshop will include:

• what is engraving and why do we love it.
• historic specimens of weird and fantastic engraving.
• contemporary applications for engraving.
• how to prepare art for engraving, and the various kinds of "engraving".
• how to engrave...
• ...or, how to work with an engraver (so you just have to design and leave the engraving to somebody else.)

Monograms, Monograms, Monograms

Posted earlier this week, a new monogram story including our copper photo-engraved plates, hand cut, 1/2" steel dies and sets of engraved monogram notes.

Our copper-engraved monograms are created in Illustrator based on a rudimentary gridded template that had been converted by an engraver from the original pantograph Masterplate system that goes back to the 1930s.

Notice that some of the monogram styles pictured in the (fuzzy—sorry, hand held iPhone) photo above are the very styles in the letterpress types at the beginning of the article.