ttfdiet by Karsten Lücke and Adam Twardoch


Dave Crossland informs about new tool:
"ttfdiet (TTF DIacritics Encoding Tool) applies a “diet” to a .ttf font: it modernizes the way in which glyphs for precomposed Unicode characters are stored in a TrueType-flavored OpenType font, and reduces the font's file size." [from]

I installed Behdad Esfahbod's FontTools and wrote diet.bat file:

python c:\ %1

- be sure Python (2.6 or higher) is installed and added to the PATH
- "c:\" it is where file is stored

Getting ccmp feature to work


I am constructing a font for use with ancient Greek and Roman metrics (as in poetry, not as in character sidebearings!). There are a few simple signs (breve, longum, anceps [like the multiplication x sign]) and then many complex signs which are combinations of these simple signs. So I decided to use to form the combined characters, like this:

feature ccmp {
script latn;
sub uni0311 uni23D1 uni23D1 multiply by mt01;
sub uni23D1 uni23D1 endash uni23D1 by mt02;
sub endash afii301 bar afii301 uni23D1 afii301 uni23D1 by mt03;
} ccmp;