Microsoft Word

Problems with kerning (type 1 fonts)


I have set kerning in my win type 1 font, and, wanted to use it in MS word. Weird is, kerning works just in some cases - just on basic characters. The problem is only in office - in all other programs like illustrator / indesign not.

- screenshot - left - illustrator, right MS word 2007 (problem at "ře" vs "re" )

- turn kerning in word on/off,
- play with settings at fontlab options in kerning,
- made openType feature "kerning" with kerning asist.
nothing worked. seems like word ignoring all national characters kerning..

Anyone can help me?

MS Word not recognizing font


I have developed a font that works in every Uniscribe application (and even some non-Uniscribe applications) that I've tried *except* for Microsoft Word. Even WordPad works. The font shows up in the font list (even with a correct preview) but Word does not let me switch to or type in that font. So, e.g., selecting all (ctrl-a) and choosing the new font does nothing.

Have any of you run into this sort of thing before? What could the cause possibly be?

Thanks in advance!

Font Isn't Printing from InDesign 5.5 and Not Showing Up in Word


I've received an issue from a customer who purchased my font and is having trouble with it in InDesign 5.5 and Word. I've never come across this issue before with any other user and I have successfully used it in but programs so I'm not quite sure how to fix the problem on my end. Here is the message I received from them:

I received the attached error message when trying to use the font in Microsoft Word. When I validate the font in Font Book, it says the font is safe to use. When I tried printing an InDesign document with the font, it would not print. PDF's of the document will not print either. I did not receive an error message, but my colleague received the error message in Indesign 5.5:

ERROR: rangecheck


Font with Kerning only works in TextEdit



I am trying to generate my new font I have created, but am having serious trouble with the kerning. I have tried a plethora of different options, but nothing seems to be working. Basically, I export my font, but the kerning rarely shows up in applications. I know there is a kerning table, though, because the font works correctly in TextEdit (mac).

I am using Fontlab Studio. When I try the font in Photoshop and Microsoft Word, it does not kern. Are there any ideas as to why this would be? Thank you very much in advanced.

Help finding & combining serif fonts...on MS Word!


Hi all,

I feel I am too sub-amateur to even be posting here, but I need some serious typographic assistance! I'm preparing a handout (attached) for an important job talk I'm giving and I desperately want it to look professional.

The main body font must be small (like 9pt) to prevent lines of poetry from running off the page; and has to either come with MS Word 2010 or be inexpensive ($35 or less.) :( Also, some of the handout is in Greek, so I need a unicode font that will look ok with the Goudy

Kerning not working in Word


We have a font created in FontLab, generated as an OpenType PS which is being used mainly in InDesign but also in Microsoft Word 2003 and 2010.

I have the FontLab option turn ON to generate the non-OpenType kern table but for some reason Word is not “seeing” the kerning. If I generate the font as TrueType or Type1 Word using the kerning just fine.

We have another font that is being used in exactly the same way and that one is fine.

The other oddity is that Word 2010 grays out all of its OpenType controls on the Font dialog for this problematic font. I’m guessing the two are related but I’m stuck as to what’s going on.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Missing ASCII circumflex from font changes typeface after typing circumflex-accented glyph



I've used a font in Microsoft Word, which works fine except when I need to type circumflex-accented glyphs.
In general, I've noticed that when you type a circumflex, before typing the letter you want to accentuate, you temporarily get the ASCII circumflex. Then, when you type the letter, say "a", the correct circumflex is used in the pre-built accented glyph.
So, in the present case, when I type "^" plus "a", Microsoft Word changes to Times. This behaviour rang a bell, so I opened the font in FLS and the ASCII circumflex is missing from the problematic font file. My assumption is that as Word can't find that glyph (ASCII circumflex), it switches to another default font.

2 questions:

– Is it a Microsoft Word "bug"?

Microsoft Word doesn't like my new OpenType font


I have a new OpenType font I'm working on and when I try to load it into Word X, it shows it in the menu, BUT when you click on it it switches to the font next to it in the list instead and refuses to make it work.

The font works perfectly in Adobe programs and in TextEdit (I'm using Mac OS X).

I have heard many people have problems with Microsoft programs loading various fonts, but I would like to sell this font sometime soon and don't want to have to tell anyone that it doesn't work in some Microsoft programs.

So far I have only heard people saying a font of theirs doesn't show up in the menu because they have the wrong printer drivers installed, but this is something different than that because it does show up in the menu - it just doesn't work!