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Typeface ID

Can anyone please help me to ID this typeface?


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Font ID need please!

Hi, i'd like to know the font used in the easyjet website banners.
Is that a custom font, a derived one or an existing one?
Thanks in advance.

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Font ID help


I found that font and is gorgeous! anyone know which is?


Hello, I am having a bit of difficulty ID'ing this font. Any help would be appreciated.

Can somebody suggest fonts which are similar to Cubesity Rounded (
Preferrably something which is a little bit easier to read, but still retains the blocky rounded style.

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Font ID

Can someone ID this font please?

Could someone help me ID the font used on the cover of HOW magazine used in the image below? The font I want is circled in yellow. PLEASE AND THANK YOU! =)

thanks for any help you can provide.

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What is this font? ASAP

Can anyone identify these two fonts? Many thanks.

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Hoping to ID two fonts

Hello all -- I recently found this site and I am pleased to have stumbled upon you gurus.

I was hoping someone could help me ID two separate fonts, or suggest possible alternatives: 1) company logo (attached), and 2) Smythson's custom "Brook Street" lettering -- can be found at while customizing "Personalised Stationery."

Thank you for your time and help!

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type id

Anyone know this fonts?

I would like to know the name of this font. The client cannot remember the name and of course we must recreate some elements. I've seen what you guys do and how quickly you do it. You're amazing. Much thanks in advance.

" Listen. think. then make things better. "

Hi buddies!

I would like to know what font is this one...
Looks like a modified avant garde... i don't know.

you can see it in live here (in the header):

I've tried to look for it in the css with no success...

if anyone can help me out...

Thank you so much in advance!


I'm trying to figure out what typeface this was created from. The designer that originally created it no longer works with the company, so I am on the hunt!


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Wood Type ID

Hey all,

I need help with an ID on this beautiful tuscan wood type:


I have a big assignment for school and I've decided to display my work in a fake magazine (I don't know if it makes any sense). I've chosen to take CLASH magazine as an inspiration for page settings but I have some trouble identifying the fonts they use and I'd really like to use the same since I think they look very good.
I'm posting a few pages, if you know the name of any font on it, please tell me (I don't care about the logo, though)
Sorry, I guess most of them must be quite obvious, but I don't know a lot about fonts.

Hello one and all.

I am here today to seek your expert knowledge in identifying the font in the image I have uploaded in this post. I would greatly appreciate any help you can give and any suggestions of similar fonts would also be of assistance.

Your (new) friend,


I see this font here and there. All the cool kids are using it.
Can't ID it on Whatthefont.


Can someone please help me identify this font? I've definitely seen it several times before but can't for the life of me find it! Thanks in advance :)

Dear experts,

What font is used in this logo?

I need it asap :)


Can any one ID this for me. I thought Tungsten but it's not...

Anyone know or think they might be able to identify the font for Teenager Posts and so-relatable images. Here is an example of the font, or you can visit the website to look at the fonts used on the images.
I've looked everywhere to no avail so be great if you could help me! And I'm pretty sure it isn't helvetica or arial, although it could be a variation?


Can some please help ID the font of this company I am working with. Looks very familiar but cant figure it out :(
Its The Company Logo

Thank you

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