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Please Help ID font :)


Can some please help ID the font of this company logo I am working with. Looks very familiar but cant figure it out :(
Its The Company Logo

Thank you

I really like this font and want to use it in a design i am doing. Can anyone give me a very similar or exact font? No idea what it is.
It's from the Saprtan Cricket logo here:

Need a specific font for a client. One of those distorted font. Looks like a typewriter font, without serifs.

Anyone know this font?

Hi All,

I was thinking that this was custom but i have have a nagging feeling that i have seen it elsewhere. It would be a great help to get an id.

Many thanks in advance.

Hi gang!
Can you help me to identify this type?
thanks and have a good weekend :)

Looking for the name of this font similar to Brush Script. The H's look differently. See attachment.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Hi everyone
I need you help because I really can't find this exact font and my client is going nuts on me. And besides, I kinda like it :P
Does anyone recognize it?
Thank you!

You’d think a typophile website would credit their logotype on the footer—but they don’t. Anyone know what typeface is used (or who custom lettered the type) for this websites header? Thanks.

I'm looking for the name of the font in this picture. It is the logo for the Down East Magazine in Maine.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance, Chris

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Sans Serif Type id

Hi there, could anyone give me a hand identifying this typeface please?

circa website

I know that there are but four letters from which to ID this one. Any suggestions gratefully received!

I feel like I've seen this ornament hundreds of times, yet I cannot figure out what typeface it belongs to. I've tried various type id systems and none have identified it. Can anyone help? Much thanks!

Please identify this slab font. Thanks!

I was wondering if someone can ID this font that I found in a magazine which I would like to use for my work. It resembles Alba a little bit, but it is not Alba

i am currently designing a logo/ID for myself. i already have a base of a logo under a different name but i wanted to try something insorporating my name.

i have been trying for weeks to create a ambigram piece that i like, but have not yet come up with something i have grown fond of. i have experimented with different fonts but all i seem to be doing is creating more things that im not too keen on.

i was hoping someone could help me to create something that is fluid and easy to work out, yet still have a sense of modern design. i am willing to use and fonts/styles.

i'll start with a blue peter moment, here is one i made earlier:

ps. the name i am using is LOWE.

Anyone? Thanks!

Does anyone know what fonts the Telegraph use? I believe the serif is a custom typeface. So if anyone can suggest what they think it was based on or something similar.
Also any suggestions what the san serif is?


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Logo ID

Could anyone help to ID the font used on the attached logo please?

I've tried contacting design companies who have printed brochures for us but as we supplied the logo as a jpeg they are unable to and the person who designed it no longer works for the design company we used and they are unab;e to find any of his notes (very professional).


Thanks in advance for any help! I'm looking for both the bottom & top names.

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Hello Paris

Hey everyone! This one has been bothering me for a while now, I've sharpened the image and separated each character in hopes of helping distinguish forms. Any help would be appreciated!

I'm trying to identify the above font. From my online research it seems closest to the lowercase letters of the DTC Plaza family, but the C and the A are not quite right.

This is from a logo designed many years ago - so it is probably an older font, if that helps.



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What font is this?

I took these pictures off a shirt. I'm not sure if they are the same or different fonts, but I'm trying to find both because I'm trying to make a copy of the shirt with a different back. I want the shirts to match as perfectly as possible. Thanks!

Here's a font I like a lot off of the cover of last months Wired issue (Feb 2011).
I'm hoping that someone here could help me identify this font since I can't find any other resources.
-Thanks SA

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Looking to identify this font.

Looking to find what font this is.

Thanks for looking.

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