(x) Famous Five TV show typeface - ITC Souvenir {Jan}


I'm hoping you can help. A collegue of mine has been trying to find this font for quite some time. Google research seems to have turned up very little, but maybe some of you typophiles might know.

It's from the Famous Five TV show screened during the 70's, hopefully this image will help with identification.

Just for clarification, it's the "Famous Five" text rather than Enid's singnature :)

Thanks in Advance,


(x) What font is this? It's not Myriad Pro... but it's so close! - Calibri {Giorgio B}

Hey everyone!

I work at a graphic design agency, and we're redoing some of our website. For whatever reason some of the source files are hard to access and we're trying to identify one of the fonts, but we're having trouble. So, naturally, I thought I'd hit up Typophile for help. Here are some URL's.

Any ideas?

Thanks guys!

Royal Mail slip mockup

One of the designers I follow on twitter posted this a while ago, can't remember who or I would ask them. I believe it is a mockup for Royal Mail slip that they leave when they "deliver" your parcel but you were out.

It looks similar to Archer and ITC American Typewriter, but it's neither of those.
Any help would be greatly appreciated,
Thanks in advance.

The full image can be seen her

Garance Dore Font?

Hey there Typophiles,

I'm having trouble ID this type of font. I'm looking for something similar or even perhaps the idential font. It derived from the website . I believed it might be a handwritten font but if anyone knows if this is an actual font or have any suggestions on anything similar, that would be great!

Thanks for the help in advance!

(x) Farm Fresh Script Font Help - Fenway Park, Spoleto/OptiSport/Aktuelle {self (Alex Deckard), Mike Y}

Can anyone assist with some font ID help. I am trying to find a script font similar to those in the attached images. Unfortunately What The Font doesn't do very well with letters that are connected.

Thanks for your help.

(x) ID the typographer? "Monika Italic" - Mr Canfields by Alejandro Paul {Pete B}

Hi folks,

I'm not sure this is the exact right place for this, but I'm trying to track down the typographer of a free script font that's all over the freebie sites.

Font is Monika Italic [link removed by moderator] and the credit goes to "Catrina" (for whom I cannot seem to find any info whatsoever).

I'd like to use this in a commercial piece (all accompanying license info says it's freeware, but the font file is unembeddable which indicates otherwise). Can anyone either point me in the right direction, or perhaps suggest a suitable alternative ('50s-era italic script)? This is a pro bono project, so sadly I need to lean toward free or cheap.

Thanks so much!

(x) Hairbase Font / bold blocky caps w/ rounded corners - similar to Kimberley {Tamas}

Hi All, I am looking for a good font to base this on. I need to basically recreate it. It could be fairly simple, but some time, and accuracy would be saved if a genious might be able to tell me what font its close to, or even better... is? HUGE thanks

Paper Stock Identification


So as much as we all love identifying type I was hoping someone would be able to help me out and tell me about the paper stock used here:

Really any information would help. Who makes it or something like it....even if you just know what that kind of paper is called so I can figure out what to search for.


(x) 'University of Texas Austin' serif (specific Garamond?) - Palatino {Gunter}


I'm a type fan-if-still-newbie and first-time poster compelled to submit a request for a coworker. She's been asked to recreate a very simple type design--for a quick-turnaround offset print job that needs a speedy diagnosis. She tried many variations of classic serif faces, but couldn't get the "C" or the "T" quite right. I didn't have any further suggestions off the top of my head. Also, is this semibold in weight?

Thanks in advance for any help!

(.pdf file attached)