Profuse THANK YOU in advance!

I need to know this font. It's on the official test-prep for GRE and (most likely) on the actual GRE exam. My whole future is dependent on my GRE score, which in turn relies on me switching all prep materials into this test font for greater familiarity.

I tried many Serif fonts with Microsoft Word, but to my eyes, they all seem a little chubbier and shorter than this one. I don't know if this has to do with screen resolution or anything else.

Thank you again. You'll be my hero.



My client wants me to create some graphics for a video using the typeface there logo uses.

I tried using what the font but it rarely ever works for me.

Any ideas what it might be & where I might be able to get it?

Attached the jpeg below.

Thanks in advance,


any ideas? i've been searching for this font for days. I have also tried identifont and whatthefont. I'm interested in the larger text.

Hi Guys,

This is from Michel Gondry's new film. I'm Digging the main display font. Anyone have any ideas?

Hey everyone! I recently bought Typomag, and adore this book(HIGHLY recommended!) And i actually know the font, the colophon page says it's Poster Display; however i cannot find it anywhere. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Trying to ID the typeface used in the "3rd Set" ID (top left) and bottom crawl/ID used for the Wimbledon broadcast. I think NBC-S also uses this for golf, but I can't find a screenshot of it.

AFAIK, NBC-S only uses this in (or the face only has) all caps.

Thanks in advance.

normally I would assume this is hand drawn, but if you look at the characters the shapes repeat. (for example, the n in Chardonnay, the a appears flipped)

Any ideas on what this would be?

Happy New Year everyone!

Got the first rev of a pet project working yesterday. It's not perfect yet, but now you can encourage people out there to submit Type ID requests via Twitter.

More here: http://typophile.com/node/65805



I'm a type fan-if-still-newbie and first-time poster compelled to submit a request for a coworker. She's been asked to recreate a very simple type design--for a quick-turnaround offset print job that needs a speedy diagnosis. She tried many variations of classic serif faces, but couldn't get the "C" or the "T" quite right. I didn't have any further suggestions off the top of my head. Also, is this semibold in weight?

Thanks in advance for any help!

(.pdf file attached)

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