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font names

Batch assign Windows names to Mac names?


I'm on a Mac, though I used to have lots of Windows machines, and still have one real and several virtual Windows machines.

Among my thousands of uninstalled fonts are dozens of (mostly crappy) TTF fonts that have different file names, and have corresponding font names when listed in Windows, but are all listed as "New" in Mac OS X. I used ftxdumperfuser to dump the name table of one of them, and found table entries with type IDs 1 through 7, with the Microsoft platform names in platform ID 3 all filled in, but the Macintosh names in platform ID 1 all containing default values.

If the fonts all have the same name I can't even view them in a font viewer. What's the easiest way (using free tools) to copy all seven names from platform ID 3 to platform ID 1 in all the fonts?

Font names listing


Hi guys, I am working now on my new Emila font and i have encountered
some difficulties regarding the listing of the fonts.

Is there any way you can arrange the different weights the way you prefer?
Because i would like my Pattern and Frames, to be on the bottom of the list, logically the weights
such as Thin, Medium Bold etc. come first...

You can see on the picture what i mean exactly.
Please anyone who knows i would be very thankful.