I made this font in December of 2013. It is not truly handwritten but has an artificial handwritten style (originally designed in Inkscape with the pen tool). I do release my fonts for free on such sites as Dafont...so I am aware they are not super professional looking. However, I would like to update my fonts -one at a time- and make them better.

I want to keep the font true to its original style/personality, but I'd like to tweak it a bit and make it even better. I will definitely be improving the kerning.

I would appreciate any constructive feedback. Thanks!

(I am not sure if I can attached or link to the font file itself for further analyzing?)

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Handwritting ID

Anyone knows what font it is?

Thanks in advance

Hello, I need to identify the font in the left part of the picture, I included both since the other one is P22 Sweepy and both of them are featured in the book Typosphere, however the book only talks about Sweepy and does not say anything about the other one.

In case it helps, the designer for Sweepy was Michael Clark.

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Masculine and neat handwritting


Could anyone please help giving suggestions with Handwritting typeface that is loose, neat but quite masculine at the same time (definitely not girly and romantic that kind of typefaces). I found it bit hard to find. I have been scrolling through myfonts… I am near to dead end.

It will be used for a tagline of an Industrial/building products. It will say 'When Experience Matters'.

Your suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Thank you.

Can someone help me ID this handwriting style font from the 80s. I need some help with album art. See example below attached


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