Umlauts in München

I had a pleasure to visit Munich after several years' break. What caught my eye was the way umlaut was used in shop signs and in the Bayern München shirts. The shirt one seemed very odd to me, hardly an umlaut!

Are there fonts with umlauts inside the u, or is it just a clever way to keep signs neat and in uniform hight? Is this very common in German speaking countries?

Double Acute/"Hungarumlaut"


Hi everyone, I'm very new on these forums, and I'm already hooked on the type identification end of things, it's extremely good for learning about how typefaces are constructed.

Being half-Hungarian, one such construction I'm especially interested in is the double acute accent, the "hungarumlaut", that occurs in the letters /ő/ and /ű/. I've searched for threads discussing it and I can't find any, so I thought I'd check if anyone has posted on it before - and if not I'd love to hear some discussion on it from the esteemed type degniners here.

Thing is, looking through the typefaces on my hard drive, if they have it at all, a lot of them seem to get it simply wrong from what I understand Hungarian is supposed to read like. :)