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Business card

Thoughts on my business card?


Hi there. I'm new here, I'm from Brazil and, as the business card I attached says (in portuguese), I'm a psychologist. I just graduated and I decided to print my business cards in letterpress, but my budget is pretty tight, so I have to design them myself. Now I don't expect anybody to work for free, but since I have barely any experience at all with design I thought maybe you guys could take a look and tell me if I'm making any gross mistakes, maybe point me in the right direction. The same goes for the logo itself, the little couch, I designed it myself and it's my first attempt at something of the sort. Any help would be really appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

Amateur's business cards

Sorry, yet another novice's business card question. :)

Last summer, I was leaving my job in Japan, and needed to give various acquaintances some kind of 'business' card with my name & email address (it's the done thing in Japan, you gotta have a business card!). I rather hastily put something together, based on the fonts I had on my laptop:

I don't pretend this is up to graphic design standards, but I hope it doesn't commit any truly egregious errors.

Since I got back I've also found the need to hand out personal contact info to people at various receptions, functions, and whatnot. So now I've been working on ways of improving the design a little.

business card font with Sackers Gothic Heavy logo



I've designed a logo with Sackers Gothic Heavy and I am looking for a complimentary font to use on the business card.

I want an extremely clean, masculine, high design look for a tech company but I'm trying to steer clear of the 'tech company' look. I'm actually going for a mid-century engineering/aerospace look without getting at all 'themed' but it's a fine line.

The fonts that are clean enough end up making the whole thing look drab and the fonts that seem to have some interest seem to be to much for the logo and take the whole thing away from clean.

At this point I'm thinking a light sans serif that I can use in all caps on a tight grid with A LOT of white space. But I'm open.

Everything I try looks ridiculous. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Designers who know Rome: name/contact of famous engraving/printing house?

Hi, I have a gig coming up in Rome...the last time I was there, one of my colleagues had some super-nice calling cards engraved at a famous, old printing/engraving place...she said it's called Barberieni, and it's located close to the House of State...

I've looked and googled everywhere and cannot find anything about it online, which seems to be not uncommon for Italian places of commerce ;)

Any Roman designers here (or designers who know Rome) who may know more about this place and where they are located, exactly?


The Shape of the Credit Card

Here's a question that is bugging me and I can't find a satisfying answer.

Who designed the shape of the credit card? And why is it exactly this shape that became almost the omnipresent, universal type of card?

I know, that it's shape is standardized by the norm ISO/IEC 7810. I also know, that the shape is pretty similar to the size of business cards in certain countries. So maybe, the shape was adopted by the already common medium. But that would lead to the question, why the business card is shaped the way it is. But maybe I'm going the wrong direction here.

I thought this forum might be a good place to search for answers. Any ideas?

My business card


This is my business card. It has all I think a good business card should have: basic contact info and some creativity, all of that in a white, one sided card with black text. The creativity is up to the reference for my name's correct pronunciation, inspired by language dictionaries, since I don't know many people who can correctly say this funky german names...

Sagmeister, Moire Business Card, Disappearing Type


This is a tough one.
Anyone know how this effect is achieved?
From the images it appears there is a transparent sleeve (acetate) printed with fine vertical lines. Same for the inside paper card.
But how is it that the text disappears inside the card? Hard to figure out without the real thing, but if anyone has seen such a thing up close, please explain! :)

Business Card Design Help

Hi Everyone,

I've started doing freelance jobs with wedding/event planners and wanted to come up with a business card that speaks to my new clientele. The card will be letterpressed. It's minimal but I was hoping the typography and tactile feeling of the letterpress would carry it through and give it a classic elegant look and feel.

One last note: to get the deal on letterpressing this must be one color black and one sided.

I really would love to know what you think, any opinions, criticism, anything at all!


Business Card - Please help!



I'm on this project right now in which I'm trying to design a business card to a friend who is a psychologist. She's not the most dogmatic or orthodox person, but she's somehow traditional.

I showed her some layout with Mrs.Eaves font and she liked it.

My questions:
If I do use Mrs.Eaves, on the parts which goes telephone number and e-mail, what is "the right" or "correct" thing to do, to use old style numerals or lining ones?

What do you guys think of Mrs.Eaves being used in such thing as a business card?

I appreciate your feedback!

Thank you so much!