font id

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Font ID

Please anybody could tell me what this font is?

Please help identify the font in the graphic. thanks,

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Old Macintosh font?


I would like your help identifying this font... I think it's the old Macintosh font but Im not sure.


I have been having a hard time trying to figure out what this font is... any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Need Help ID'ing this font

Would appreciate if anyone can help me identify this font.

I used some online generator to create this text about a year ago, but now that I want to change the text I can't find the font neither the online service that helped me do it!


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Hi Everyone- I'm hoping you can help me out. I'm getting married on September 7. I just received my wedding invitations from a vendor on Etsy. The invitations were supposed to look like the picture, however, they showed up with black and dark pink ink instead of dark gray and light pink. I can't go back to the original vendor who messed up because she’s (conveniently) on vacation until July 14. And I can't change my wedding colors this late in the game. I can, however, recreate the invitation and reprint it in the right color ink. I just need to find out what font she used. Any ideas?? Thank you for your help!!!!

if anyone knows which font this is or how to find out please let me know would be greatful. email me at if you know what font this is

Hi, i'm looking to add extra information to an existing poster, and cant get a font that matches the one currently used. Any help would be appreciated.

If this image isn't enough I can upload some more text.


Intradiem is a vendor for the company I work for. I'm making a newsletter for print that features them and I can't find the font they used in their logo. It appears to be a blend of serif/sans font - not sure.

The image on this post is pulled from their site header at

Any help is greatly appreciated!



I really want to use this font. Took the picture at a train station in Florence, Italy - it's probably a standard issue. Could anyone tell me what it might be called?



Hello, can anybody help ID these 2 fonts please?
I found a font called "Blessed Day" that looks like the Black Scale font, but it's not the same.
And for the "D M N D", the closest I found was Roman Engraved.
Any help will be appreciated. Thank you :)

- Pat

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font identification help

Anyone know what the script font is in the word Cartwheel?

Please help me with identifying this font. It looks like a mixture of a few different, but i am unable to narrow it down to one.

I am trying to identify these beautiful fonts, particularly the handwritten style used for the name on these address examples. Any ideas?

I have seen this font (digits and math symbols only?) in a number of places having to do with Japanese abacus and mental arithmetic practice.
If you google "flash anzan" (that is, a rather intense form of mental arithmetic practice), you will likely see this font used for the numbers.
I chose this for my sample because it contains all ten digits. The character that looks like a solidus is really the digit 1 (one). I believe that commas, decimal points, and symbols for basic arithmetic exist for this font, but as far as I know, it contains no characters beyond this.

Hi, I'm doing a project on this exhibition but can't figured out the typeface(s) used.

I want to use this font on my wedding invites. It reminds me of Lobster but I don't believe it is.


Hallo! I'd really appreciate any help in identifying the font on this poster. Thanks!

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need to know what font this is

Please tell me what font this is

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Font ID please

need help identifying the letters in this logo..any experts that can help me out?? or find anything close?
thanks so much!!

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone can identify this Rounded Grunge font?

I'd really appreciate it!



I am needing to place a logo for a local racing track and they sent me a smaller .png of the file and said thats all they have. I can re-illustrate it but I don't have the fonts used and am having a hard time finding them. I would like to know both fonts used. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Second of two posts...

Dear All (again!),

I'm looking for suggestions of popular US fonts circa 1948...and also an ID please of the attached font or similar!

Really appreciate your thoughts!

Many thanks,


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Hi guys,

I've been trying to hunt for this font for days with no luck. Does anyone know what this font is?


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