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I have a big assignment for school and I've decided to display my work in a fake magazine (I don't know if it makes any sense). I've chosen to take CLASH magazine as an inspiration for page settings but I have some trouble identifying the fonts they use and I'd really like to use the same since I think they look very good.
I'm posting a few pages, if you know the name of any font on it, please tell me (I don't care about the logo, though)
Sorry, I guess most of them must be quite obvious, but I don't know a lot about fonts.

I'm trying to make a desktop background with this font. It looks so familiar, but I can't seem to recall the name of it. I tried using similar fonts, but it just doesn't look right. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.



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Easy Serif ID (I Think)

I'm sure this is an obvious one but, haven't been able to come up with it. Thanks for any help.

Looking for help from the font whizzes here! I work for author Susan Mallery, and I want to create ads using the same font (or something very similar) as the script font that is used on some of her book covers. Here is the title of her next book, A Fool's Gold Christmas, in the font. The same font (I believe) is used on the covers of her books Already Home and Barefoot Season, if you need to see other letters. Any ideas?

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Please ID this font

Please help me ID this font. Please see attached.


I hope someone know this font and let me know its name.

Many thanks in advance

Please help me ID this font. I have used all the online tools, and consulted some designers but they have been unable to help. Can you?

It would be greatly appreciated if someone would put me out of my misery and id the condensed sans in this logo.
My thanks in advance,

Any idea what font they use in the logo?

Can anyone help me ID the retro script font used for "Mountain" on this stationary. Thanks!

I found this on a Behance project and would love to know the name of the header font used. My crusade for the ideal typeface to represent my identity has been a long road and I think this one comes the closest to fitting yet.

Thanks in advance.

Can anyone help me out with the font used by Bruichladdich across all their branding and POS? I'm pretty sure most of the text on here is DIN, but the word Bruichladdich seems a little more extended, and also the uppercase C is incorrect. Is this just a customisation of DIN or is it a different font? Any ideas greatly appreciated.

More here...

By the way, the whisky is jolly good, too.

Hi there

Is anyone able to identify the font used in this image? I feel rather feeble…

I designed this logo years ago and know I started with a font -- which I altered a little (can't remember how much -yikes). Now I need to make some changes and it would sure be helpful to know the original font. Can any font-master guess what font I may have started with....thanx so much!

Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone could help identify the font in the old ACE Hardware logo. Really, any font that looks like the "C". Thanks in advance!

Hi all - I need help iding this logo font, I have been looking and looking and am not finding it.

Help Please!!!

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Quora Logo Font

Hi everyone:

I've always been curious at to what font was used in the making of the Quora logo.

Please find a sample attached.

Any thoughts? Thanks!

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A little help...

Any idea what font this is guys?


does anyone know the name of this font?

I'm having a lot of trouble pinpointing this script and hope someone here can help me out. I am really wanting to find this script in. I was thinking it was Bickham Pro but there are a few differences. Any ideas?

If you want to participate in the bonus round, you can also ID the "Lord & Taylor" too. :)

The image below is from a logo I created about 15 years ago and cannot remember the font I used to create it. I believe when I created the image I widened the font. Any help with identifying the font would be great.

Thank you.

There was a thread about the title sequence from Stephen Frankfurts »To kill a mockingbird« several weeks ago. But I can't find it via the SEARCH-button. My question is, what font was used in the titel. It's neither Akzidenz Grotesk nor Basic Commercial. Am I right?

Can anyone help me? Please!

thanking you in anticipation.

Greetings to all, Niko

Hey - I need to know what this font is. Is there anyone that could help me out. Point me in the right direction... etc...?


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Warren Zevon

Hi all,

Can anyone ID the font used on Warren Zevon's eponymous "first" album?

Album cover image

Thanks so much in advance for your help. will be eternally grateful,


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