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To kill a mockingbird – Title sequence

There was a thread about the title sequence from Stephen Frankfurts »To kill a mockingbird« several weeks ago. But I can't find it via the SEARCH-button. My question is, what font was used in the titel. It's neither Akzidenz Grotesk nor Basic Commercial. Am I right?

Can anyone help me? Please!

thanking you in anticipation.

Greetings to all, Niko

Identifying Bon Magazines sans..?

I came across this sans a while back and haven't really been able to find it.
It's used for headlines in swedish Bon Magazine.

It looks a bit like Neuzeit, as well as a Drescher Grotesk, but it's not quite there.
I'm sorry about the horrid picture quality, I'll try to pick up a copy and get some scans asap.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!


(x) Headline font on - Hypatia Sans {Mark S}

Having a hard time identifying the headline tag on If you are looking on the site instead of the attached file, I am looking to ID the line "the best free way to manage & grow your money". I know I have seen it recently elsewhere but just can't put my finger on it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

(x) KALEIDOSCOPE MAGAZINE FONT...STRESSED? - Linotype Octane {Florian}

check the image, its similar to salzburg and castle ef

used here

i feel like its probably custom, but i also feel i have seen other designers use it.

Handwritten B

I am trying to identify the font I used to create a logo for my website ( several years ago. I know I used two different fonts and have already identified the first one. Here is what I know:

I first used it 3-5 years ago.
I distinctly remember using a font categorized as "handwriting"

I would love an exact match, but if that is not possible, I am looking for a font that:
-has a larger upper bowl
-crosses over the stem at all three junctures
-has rough edges instead of smooth
-has a comparable slope


(x) Seeking ID of 3 fonts from mid to late 1960's - Century, Eurostile/Microgramma, similar to Latin Wide, Artcraft {Mark S}


My first post here. Hope I'm doing this right. Greetings to everyone. Im recreating some vintage automotive stickers and am having trouble locating some fonts. Pics attached. For the Mickey Thompson sticker I'm looking for the fonts that make up the "M", the "T", "ickey" and "hompson". I did find a somewhat close match for the "ickey" and "hompson" in URW Artcraft Bold but there are several things about that font that make it not quite a match. For the Schiefer sticker I'm just looking for the font that "Schiefer" is in.

Thanks for your time,

(x) 'Florida Gulf Coast': 2 scripts, 1 italic / Please ID This Font!! - Bickham Script, Park Avenue, MT Garamond {Ben M, Max P}

Hello everyone,

I just found this website :) .. I was not aware so many people needed to identify fonts until the day I needed one identified.

Anyway, I am at work trying to make a website for a client. She wants me to use the text in the header image of her old site, on her new site. However, she does not know what font was used and the image is jpg so I cannot open it up and check the font..

It would be great if someone here could identify it for me. Thanks ahead of time.

Here is the image,

If possible I would like to know the white font and the gold font.

(x) 'Premier Cottages': Roman caps - TF Arrow {Akira}

I've been trying to ID this font for the last few days. What The Font can't ID it, Identifont wasn't much help, and I can't trace the original designer or get a text version to extract the font. A design group said this font was supposed to be 'Garow' but they didn't have a copy of that font. I've searched all the normal foundries and found no reference to the Garow typeface, even after trying numerous spelling variations.

A fellow designer recommended Perpetua as a close match, which it is, but it's not identical.

I'd like to find the exact match. Any help?