The letters i and l in sans serif fonts, and readability.

I'm hoping someone can shed some light.

I notice that for a lot of (most?) sans-serif fonts, the letter i is as minimal as could be. Simply a stick and a dot. The L is similarly minimal, just a stick, or in the luckier cases, perhaps a kink at the top or a curve at the bottom.

I find that this hinders readability – or at least it does for me. Just now I was reading a page set in Verdana, and could not figure out if the word "ability" was spelled correctly. The i's and l's simply fused, and I could not tell whether there were 3 or 4 "sticks". I had to get closer to the screen.

Do others have similar trouble with these letters?
Some sans-serifs that make the i's and l's more recognizable: ITC Officina Sans, Monitor Pro, Fira Sans, Ubuntu, Trebuchet.