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Why use a sans-serif for printed media if a serif has highest readability?


So I've just redesigned a publication of ours where I work and opted to use Helvetica for the body text as it looks so much smoother and, in my opinion, much more contemporary than their current use of Adobe Garamond Pro.

However, I was approached today by my superior who told me that his wife (whom is a copy editor) "had a lot of issues with using Helvetica and not a serif font for print."

Workplace Gothic (condensed grotesque for computer UI text)


As I mentioned in the thread for Workplace Sans, at some point I tried experimenting with a variant design that didn't look so stiff and homely. The alternate design was called "Workplace Gothic", and aimed for more of a grotesque style. A few months ago I dusted it off and started trying to rework it into something fit for the life of day.

Like Workplace Sans (with which it shares most of its basic proportions), Workplace Gothic is intended mainly for user interface text in computer software. It's not hinted beyond TypeTool's autohinting; I expect it'll typically be anti-aliased where used.

Sample PDF: http://www.altsan.org/creative/fonts/workplace/Type-Gothic.pdf

And some images for the link-shy or lazy:

The love child of Sweet Square & Durandal Flat??? o_o

Hi All!

This font is from a series of four teaser posters for the Green Lantern movie (2011), designed by Concept Arts.


Is it just a customised version of "MVB Sweet Square"? The I, E, & K seem quite different. I've found a bunch of similar fonts ("Aerotype Durandal Flat", "Piranha" by Nathan Caldecott, "Identikal Rally", "Identikal Rebirth", "FF Aircraft"), but no exact matches.

Also, how would one classify this font? A "chamfered angular square sans-serif"?

*** Bonus points if anyone can confirm whether the "2011" on the poster is even in the same font? ***

Help identifying typefaces

I'm in a diploma in writing and publishing and am taking a class on letterpress printing. One of our assignments was to clean and identify some type cases. These are two type samples that I can't identify. I've already tried what the font and have looked through a lot of books and have come up with nothing. Similar types will not work in this case as I need to know the exact name of the type. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Rounded edges font suggestions


Hi there,
I'm working on a logo and need some help identifying the right font to use.
I'm looking for a sans-serif font with soft rounded edges, preferablly something with a single-stack lowercase "a". I like the humanistic qualities of Avenir but obviously this font isn't rounded.

I also like the style of the font in the new esurance logo, which I have attached below.

Fonts that I've considered so far include:
1. Comforta (although I feel like it's almost too rounded).
2. Museo (getting closer but some of the elements remind me of an old typewriter font).

Any suggestions would be really helpful. Thanks so much!

RONA typeface

I'm trying to ID this typeface used in RONA's advertising. It has a very technical edge to it. Reminds me of a DIN and some of T-26's and Lineto's work. Also shares properties with Eurostile and such. I figured someone here may be able to pinpoint it.

Suggest a versatile condensed grotesque, please

I'm looking for a versatile and (dare I say it) modern condensed grotesque, mainly for headlines and shorter texts.

I need:

- upper and lowercase
- italics
- A few weights would be nice
- the ability to use as a webfont.

I've been using this as a "placeholder" for now:

Any suggestions?

Best regards

Which extended sans-serif "gothic" Font is this?

Hey everyone,

I need some help identifying this sans-serif font.

I once knew the name to this font, something with "Gothic" at the end of the name ;-) … and no, it's not Trade Gothic Gothic Extended.

Two hints:
– I remember that this is a font that does not feature any lowercase letters, only uppercase.
– the watch-manufacturers from "wempe" are using an adapted version of this font: http://www.wempe.de/ – the problem is, they call it "wempe gothic", so this doesnt solve the problem.

Thanks a lot for the help you guys!