ID font in Teenager Posts and so-relatable images

Anyone know or think they might be able to identify the font for Teenager Posts and so-relatable images. Here is an example of the font, or you can visit the website to look at the fonts used on the images.
I've looked everywhere to no avail so be great if you could help me! And I'm pretty sure it isn't helvetica or arial, although it could be a variation?

Utrecht Art Supplies - condensed sans

Long time Typophile reader, first time posting.
Anyhow, I can't identify the condensed sans-serif typeface used by Utrecht in nearly all of their promotional materials— I thought it might have been Folio Condensed or Anzeigen Grotesk at one point, but Folio Condensed (at least the light version) seems to have a lower x-height, and Anzeigen comes only in bold and the capital "R" is markedly different.
Please advise.


Looking for a nice and warm sans-serif



For my study application which includes a portfolio of my best work I am looking for a nice sans-serif.

Firstly, I thought it has to be a neutral typeface just like Helvetica and so on, so that it fits to my photography work
as good as to my futuristic poster (just to give an example).
But I felt that I want a typeface which has more personality, wich has a (subtle) nice, warm and friendly feeling without being too decorative.

One typeface I have found is Pluto Sans. It looks nice to me, but the description reads that its best used for screens
( So, would you suggest me to use it for print?

Also, if you have any other suggestions I like to hear them.

Kindly regards,

Alma Mater's Redesign

My alma mater (George Washington University) recently hired two very expensive firms to redesign its logo and "visual identity." The new design features sans-serif font and a digital portrait of George Washington. A vast majority of students and alums (like myself) dislike it, while the school's administration loves it. What are your thoughts on the redesign (and use of sans-serif), everyone?

Links to new look:

Here's the old look:

Webfont alternative to Berthold Akzidenz-Grotesk Bold Extended


Hi all

I need to find a webfont alternative to Berthold Akzidenz-Grotesk Bold Extended ( preferably with a light weight in the same family.

So far, I;ve found "foundation sans" and Nimbus Sans - These are close enough for this project.

However, they both render badly in Firefox on seemingly all versions of windows. Does anyone have any tips or can suggest alternatives?

Much appreciated

Where is "Helvetica Script?"


Hi gang! I only post infrequently, but I was puzzled about something lately and had to ask ... with all the riffs and homages to Helvetica over the years, hasn't anyone done a script version of the typeface? I assumed this would be simple to find, but after a bit of searching, I came up with nothing.

It seems to me that such a face could be not only beautiful (and in some ways, funny), but also fill what I perceive as a void of highly legible, non-expressive modern script faces.

I've attached a ridiculously rough sketch of what I'm talking about ... I'd love any leads to a face like this, and any opinions on whether such a face would be a terrible idea or not. Thanks!