I came as close as Grotesk SSH-Heavy, but can't be sure.

Great exhibition, btw.

Hello everyone,

I have attached a scan of the masthead. It reminded me of Wim Crouwel's 1957 Hiroshima poster but this was done almost a decade earlier. The letterforms seem to be drawn on a grid of a 7:2 ratio, if I am correct. Minimal counters and a very graphic, clean appearance.

Thanks in advance!

I became curious with this very neutral grotesque
looking at the sourcecode of the following site
i discovered that the font is called Mercator LB Regular, but i couldn' t find any font simillar to it in google, only a serifed from linotype that has nothing to do with it...
Radim Pesko is one of the teachers of the course of the site so maybe it is a guess...
Anyone have any idea where do i buy this font? Which Typefoundrie?
Thanks in advance...

Anyone know what the "PRIMOS" typeface is?


I've recently been asked to put a brochure together in a similar style to the photo attached.

Any ideas on the fonts used, or anything similar?

Really appreciate your help, this site rocks. !

The person who originally made this logo file did not create a vector version. That, or they won't give it to us.

Need the tagline font only — "& bake shop." Please let me know if you have any ideas or know of anything similar. Thank you!!!!

The font is in this logo. I think it is something like Gotham / Avenir / Proxima Novo...?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Sent to me by a client, I don't know the link or origin of this pic. She's just crazy about the fonts and I could use some help. Thank you!

I need help identifying the 2 typefaces in this image. Sorry for the low quality image, this was all the info I received from my boss to rebuild part of this logo :s

Bit obsessed with rounded serifs at the mo.

Would really appreciate an Id on this...

Many thanks!

Hello folks,

I'm trying to identify the font used for an old 'Philadelphia Saving Fund' sign. It looks somewhat similar to Avant Garde Gothic Book and Futura Book, but is slightly different. Thanks for your help!


Here is the image:

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Bonobos Logo Font

Hey Guys,

I'm trying to help a coworker figure out what font the Bonobos logo is so we can rebuild it out for print... Can't find a high-res version anywhere.

Anyone know what it is? All I have is this low-res jpg:


Could anyone be so kind as to help me identify this typeface?
(As seen in Louis Theroux’s Miami Mega Jail)

Thanks in advance.


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Point & Pixel

Could I get an Id on this please?

Thanks in advance!


Looking for an Id on this please.

Rounded sans-serif taken from unit-editions webpage.

Thank you in advance! Always appreciated!


Could I request an ID on the price label in this photo.

Photo taken at an M&S food, sorry for the poor focus.

Many thanks!


Looking for an Id on this please.

Not sure if it's the old It's Nice That logo or if it was just a one of visual.

I realise it could be a little tricky given the lack of letters but any help would be much appreciated.


Hi looking for an ID on this please.

It was taken from 'The fox is black' website.

Much appreciated,


I really adore this one. I love the twist on the O but I can't seem to identify it. Help?

At first I looked at this and thought, simple. That's either arial rounded, or possibly VAG round, maybe confortaa - but no - I've been searching this for over an hour and find very close fonts but not quite. I am beginning to think maybe the original designer drew this.

Can you identify it? It's only shown in lower case, and notice how the "m" and "u" do not have an upright. Always a single path. If anyone can help me identify this I would really appreciate it.


apologies for the small image. any help with this is appreciated. i should know this…

At port tastings we always use placemats, to label glasses, and for the other paperwork that helps run a confusion-free tasting.

Behold the draft placemats for a tasting on 11th October. Observe the background digits, “66” on the second page, currently set in FusiThinNormal, and outlined by my PostScript code (with clipstroke).

Good features
• Tall, such that two adjacent digits have a bounding box in the ratio of A4 less 30pt margins.
• Sans-serif, so not fussy in this background role.

Hi everyone,

I'm desperately looking to find what font is used for the branding of the National Theatre of Greece (used in all their publications as well as in their logo). Here is their website
The website of the designers of the new brand

I also include some visuals. (Note the particularity of the uppercase R in the logo or the lowercase b in the English tagline)

Thanks a lot !

Hi everyone,

I'm desperately looking to find what font is used for the branding of the National Theatre of Greece (used in alla their publications as well as in their logo). here is their website
The website of the designers of the new brand

I also include some visuals.

Thanks a lot !

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