Looking for an Id on this please.

Not sure if it's the old It's Nice That logo or if it was just a one of visual.

I realise it could be a little tricky given the lack of letters but any help would be much appreciated.


Hi looking for an ID on this please.

It was taken from 'The fox is black' website.

Much appreciated,


I really adore this one. I love the twist on the O but I can't seem to identify it. Help?

At first I looked at this and thought, simple. That's either arial rounded, or possibly VAG round, maybe confortaa - but no - I've been searching this for over an hour and find very close fonts but not quite. I am beginning to think maybe the original designer drew this.

Can you identify it? It's only shown in lower case, and notice how the "m" and "u" do not have an upright. Always a single path. If anyone can help me identify this I would really appreciate it.


apologies for the small image. any help with this is appreciated. i should know this…

At port tastings we always use placemats, to label glasses, and for the other paperwork that helps run a confusion-free tasting.

Behold the draft placemats for a tasting on 11th October. Observe the background digits, “66” on the second page, currently set in FusiThinNormal, and outlined by my PostScript code (with clipstroke).

Good features
• Tall, such that two adjacent digits have a bounding box in the ratio of A4 less 30pt margins.
• Sans-serif, so not fussy in this background role.

Hi everyone,

I'm desperately looking to find what font is used for the branding of the National Theatre of Greece (used in all their publications as well as in their logo). Here is their website
The website of the designers of the new brand

I also include some visuals. (Note the particularity of the uppercase R in the logo or the lowercase b in the English tagline)

Thanks a lot !

Hi everyone,

I'm desperately looking to find what font is used for the branding of the National Theatre of Greece (used in alla their publications as well as in their logo). here is their website
The website of the designers of the new brand

I also include some visuals.

Thanks a lot !

it's far from finished:

the weight between characters is still a little uneven, and some letters i'm not sure about. i was thinking of scrapping the g and starting on a two-story g (along the lines of johnston, akkurat etc.)

i started by wanting to create a grotesque striped down to its simplest form by removing unnecessary terminals.

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Original typeface?

Curious if these two typefaces can be identified, or are original designs? Found on old Polish book cover. Closest match I've found to "botanika" is Neo Sans Ultra, but there are clear differences.

On a few GraphicRiver items, particularly , the sample or details image uses a particular sans-serif font I've seen so many times, but for the life of me can't figure out what it is. I originally thought it was a FontFont font, but I scrolled earlier today through their entire online catalog w/a text sample "work like" and found no match.

Lowercase 'f' and 't' have only half a cross-bar, and the lowercase 'k' is "curly." Neither WhatTheFont nor Identifont were any help.

This font is like that song stuck in your head that you don't know the right words to, you know?

(solved - "Sansation" by Bernd Montag)

Can anyone help me with finding out what this font is called, I can't find it anywhere!?

Hey everyone. This is technically my second font, but I'm a newbie by all means.

This is a rough look at what I'm working and I would love some basic feedback especially for any pitfalls that I should avoid now and in the future.


I realize that the spacing isn't perfect yet. also if the image is too small to critique let me know and I'll post a better sample.

Hello! I'm trying to find the typeface Jessica Hische uses for the navigational items on her site (Type, Design, Illustration, Back, More etc.) I'm being tripped up by the nice little flourishes in the K, R, etc. Is it possible that it's a custom typeface? Alternatives are also welcome, I really like the proportions that one has going on-- wide but compact, legible very small, etc. Thanks!

I'm looking for help identifying the fonts used in this logo - or recommendations for similar fonts available. It was featured recently at CommArts.

Thank you!

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Seagate Banner Font


can you please tell me what font is used for the "SV35 Series" text in this Seagate banner?
Isn't this also the IBM font?
Is this Arial?


Can anybody identify this typeface?

I reckon its probably from Germany/Netherlands, perhaps early 20th century?

Anyways, it looks gorgeous, and I'd really appreciate your help,


Hey guys. I'm trying to find a great industrial-looking sans-serif font, much to the feel of Futura when done in all/small caps.


Looking for some feedback on a logo for a new client.

It's a finnish golfer by the name Henri Lipsanen. The client wanted something simple and I don't have much time to do this so simple it is. He also wanted a monogram of the letters HL and the colours grey and green.

This is my first version. Some simple type modification of Insignia with a monogram that is supposed to remind you of a golf course.

Any feedback appreciated.

This is off one of a series of industrial information posters from the communist era in Hungary that I bought in Budapest a few years ago. (The other posters have different typefaces, ranging from Gill Sans to Helvetica and a few more more-or-less interesting ones I can't identify, might post them later if there's interest.) The text reads: "do not touch the oxygen flasks with oily greasy hands". Design in Hungary was good but tended to change less with the times, therefore the very wide time range.

I've photographed, cropped, cleaned up and tried to straighten this as best I could, though it's still a bit warped. Whatthefont turns up nothing. Any ideas? Some of the letterforms are slightly awkward (especially the g) but overall I like it a lot.

I'd like to ask you for help with identifying the typeface that's used in the Serpent logo on the company's website In case it somehow doesn't work here's a picture:

Just released Cabin, a humanist sans inspired by Edward Johnston’s and Eric Gill’s typefaces, with a touch of modernism

Free, and available as a Webfont in the Google Webfonts Directory.

Spacing & Kerning by Igino Marini's iKern service.

Any help identifying this font with diagonal edges on the top?

Hello all,

I'm working on a Revival of a Font i found in Peignot & C, 1923. Here is the example...
Does anybody know anything about this typeface?

I would be greatful for any information.
Thank you


No luck with whatthefont or identifont. Anybody got any guesses? This is the typeface used for the pasta variety name on Ronzoni packaging.

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