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Script Font

HELP Please Identifying Recent Modern Hand Written Cursive Font.

I am in desperate need of the FONT at the very bottom of this page - the "Thanks" - by pego'


I would appreciate very much if anybody can help with the name of this FONT and/or URL or even a very very similar FONT for a Wordpress Theme project I'm working on, and after over 1 wk of searching, I have yet to find something so recent/stylish or even close.

I'm sure I can return the favor!

Thank you for you're time and help in advance.

Kindest Regards,

Need ID: Handwritten Script from Susan Mallery book covers

Looking for help from the font whizzes here! I work for author Susan Mallery, and I want to create ads using the same font (or something very similar) as the script font that is used on some of her book covers. Here is the title of her next book, A Fool's Gold Christmas, in the font. The same font (I believe) is used on the covers of her books Already Home and Barefoot Season, if you need to see other letters. Any ideas?

What font is this!?!?

I need assistance with the name of this typeface featured in Out Magazine's article on Nicki Minaj in their Oct. 2010 issue. I have also seen this font increase in popularity, i recently saw it on the font of a wedding magazine. I have a client, who's project I think it would work well with... Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Chris of 84ink.com

P.S-The images attached are a specimen of a N
and the other is the word Hip Hop written at the bottom of the article