seeking the typeface used in the logo for JAYSON HOME. it seems so familiar but basic searching have left me no where.


Hi. Trying to restore an old coffee Gaggia espresso machine...
I'm trying to get as close to the original font of the "coffee" part as possible.

I've been trying to look for this font for ages.
The first time I saw it was in a title card in an animated series, and I thought that it was custom made, and thus impossible to find on the Internet, but not very long ago, I found it used in a bar's facade, which led me to think that it was a pre-existing font.

The font was white with a black outline, but the TV version had some kind of "reflections". You'll understand better if you look at the image. However, the version I saw in the bar (which I assume is the original font) didn't have them.

The top image is one of the title cards I first saw the font in, and the bottom part is my own (badly-made, I know) recreation of the original look of the font, without the "reflections" seen in the first one, just as I saw it in the bar.

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Search for Font Name

Help! Can anyone ID this font?

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