Chilean Typography


Mazúrquica designed by Javier Quintana.

Mazúrquica is an extra condensed sans-serif typeface, ideal for titles and headlines looking for impact and style. Designed in three weights: Ligera (light), Media (medium), Pesada (heavy), allowing its use for many applications. Its capitals features a set of ligatures, giving a particular look to upper case text.

Mazúrquica is an excellent choice for magazines, books, posters, brochures, flyers, etc..

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Regia Sans Pro designed by Luciano Vergara.

Pincoya Black Pro is the new typeface of Latinotype designed by Daniel Hernández
Is a font based on the lettering of a poster from the Spanish Civil War and complemented with graphics developed in the Chilean Popular Unity during the seventies.Pincoya has a lot of alternate characters in Opentype format that provide multiple options when composing a text. It is an ideal source for high impact sentences for logotypes, magazine layouts, poster designs, etc.

Here's the story: my sister (from the US, couldn't care less about design) and her fiance (from Chile, also couldn't care less about design) are getting married in two weeks. Because *I* care about design, I'm trying to gussy up their bilingual wedding program, and thought it would be cool to use a Chilean typeface.

I love Australis (, and purchased the font on this morning, but haven’t received it or any confirmation email (other than the one from PayPal telling me I paid. I emailed the site owner, and haven't yet heard back. Does anyone know how font purchasing typically works on LatinoType? Do you get an email w/an attachment immediately? A few days later?

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