After I generate a font in Fontographer the curves don't look so smooth anymore. I was wondering if any of you had a similar problem. The curves look all nice and smooth when i drew them. I first drew them in Illustrator and then import them in Fontographer where they also look nice. They don't look so nice after I generate the font and I zoom in, the fine details I mean.

Thank you

Hey guys I've been working on this custom lettering project. What do you guys think? Is the composition balanced? Is this too busy? Your suggestions & constructive criticism would be much appreciated!

It's inspired by this quote... "Wealth is of the heart and mind, not the pocket" by Pharrell.

- Joseph

Are the Bezier curves found in expanded glyphs the same curves used to create the font files? more points or less points?

At some point I learned about trying to make strictly horizontal and vertical handles with my beziers, wherever possible. And I avoid unnecessary points... e.g. a perfect circle ought to be four points.

When I open other people's fonts, particularly scripts, the curves look so perfect. Like someone took a circle or ellipse and then chopped it half (or wherever). Or maybe did the equivalent of drawing a stroke in illustrator and outlining it.

You are looking for a contemporary upright script family?
Lignette Script is an elegant monoline font consisting of 535 glyps, with a wide range of languages covered (including greek) and 71 beautiful ligatures – please make sure to use applications that support OpenType features. Moreover Marcus Sterz created Lignette Deco to complete the graceful look with frames and ornaments.

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