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Morris Fuller Benton’s Souvenir

I am looking at some lead typefaces of the 1910s and 1920s and I wished to ask if someone has pictures of the 1914 original version of Souvenir, by Morris Fuller Benton (I haven’t found so much online).
I have come to appreciate the new design which Ed Benguiat did for ITC, but I would like to see how the original looked in print.
Any help is really appreciated.
Many thanks in advance! :-)

Early 20c Cyrillic/German wood type


I was wondering if anyone recognized this type which appeared in a Russian book (Tango with Cows) in 1914. I think it is probably wood due to its size, but also I think that probably is based on a German design for roman (all the other types in the book have roman equivalents which were manufactured [if not originally designed by] german foundries.).


1914 Railway Station



I've been reading the forum here off and on for a couple of years and found that you're a very helpful bunch...so here's a question from me.

I'm involved in the production of a film titled "The Waiting Room" part of which is set on a British railway station during the Great War (1914-1918). The film investigates the paranormal and the original type for the title had a ghostly feel, however the Director would now like to use something a little less ghostly and use something which reflects the period more appropriately.