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Recommend web fonts with great hinting

Could you recommend web fonts that you like and that have excellent hinting for the screen?

I am interested in work-horse typefaces for body text that I can purchase the rights to use with @font-face, so that would exclude all the offerings from those wonderful subscription based services. I have found the results from type at MyFonts can be spotty, and they never say if a font has been hinted by the designer.

Feel free to suggest your own work. I am interested in expanding my knowledge of good work that is out there. Thanks very much.

Font Recommendation


Wondering what fonts you recommend that are between:




Ideally its not another free font, would like something a little more pro. I really like Mandatory but it only has one weight. Perhaps its built off of (or stolen from) another font?

Thanks Guys,

Book on type design you'd recommend?

Good day people.

A friend of mine wants to buy me a book on type in some regard as a present for a little logo I did her.

I just wondered if people had anything they would recommend? Nothing too expensive. Something with a bit of theory and a bit of experience would be perfect, I'm not so much looking for an instructional guide as musings/discussions on type design.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks :)


ps. I already have the triumvirate, ta.

Font to use as model for my penmanship?

Help! I hate the childish, inconsistent, heavy-handed scrawl that passes for my handwriting. However, I'm not much happier with the readily available learn-at-home alternatives: italic or modern cursive. They are legible, but that's about it. They reek practicality, without having elegance or sophistication or individuality.

I am looking for a font to use as a model for my handwriting. My ideal would be something modern, distinctive, legible, fairly easy to write quickly and arresting or "cool" (whatever that means when applied to handwriting). A lot to ask, I know.

I would so appreciate any suggestions. Thank you in advance for your help.