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Dyoald Young's Books

Hello there guys, i'm really wanting to purchase Doyald Young's books, but they aren't the easiest to find, especially in Europe. I found this website, and they have the boxed set for sale:

However, there is zero contact information on the site, and i'm a little wary spending $300 when I don't even know if i'll get the item, I don't see the boxed set for sale anywhere else like Amazon. For this type of purchase I would want to track it and insure it, but there are no options for that.

Does anyone know if the site is legit? Or if there is anywhere else I can buy the boxed set?



Typography/Logotype Icon Doyald Young Releases THE DOYALD YOUNG COLLECTION Boxed Set


Master typographer Doyald Young has released THE DOYALD YOUNG COLLECTION, the boxed reference set of the celebrated graphic design icon's three acclaimed books on type, font and logotype design. Mr. Young is a recipient of the 2009 AIGA Gold Medal, is a Fellow of the AIGA, and is the Inaugural Master at Art Center College of Design, where he has taught typography and lettering for more than three decades.

Check out the new boxed set Collection at his website: