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body fonts

Looking for good fonts for an original 1930s pulp style alyout


I am putting together a new 7x10 book in a classic pulp layout with the 2 columns, illustrations and ads. I was wondering what font choices the typophile community would recommend.

I am a big face of deco display faces, but I am having a hard time deciding what would be an optimal body font.

The wrinkle that complicates things is that the visual style of the book is a combination between the 1970s and the 1930 after the books 2 protagonists.

I am mainly concerned for the print edition at this point, but something that would be able to be embedded in an ebook would be a plus.

Many thanks

Font suggestions--Old Style like Garamond or Palatino?


I want to use a font with old-style proportions, old-style numerals, ff, ffi & ffl ligatures as well as fi and fl, and italics. I am editing an anthology of short stories on Microsoft Word, so suggestions should come in the form of either links to TrueType or OpenType free downloads, or versions of fonts on Word that you know possess all these features. So far, the only font that really fits the bill is Georgia, but I don't like its heavy proportions; they are less elegant than old style fonts.

Choosing complementary body fonts for magazine design


We have just embarked on a complete overhaul of the magazine style for Waypoint AirMed&Rescue. We are seeking advice on the best way to pair up a sans and a serifed font.

So far we have chosen Zapf Elliptical and Williams Caslon Text as the main contenders for the main article body text. We would like to use a modern sans face for the features to create contrast between the standard articles and the featured articles.

We're not necessarily looking for suggestions on what to use, but are simply looking for advice on the theory behind combining (and creating contrast between) sans and serifed typefaces within magazine body copy.