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Garamond-like alternative


Hello, guys!
I’m totally new here and English isn’t my 1st language, so I apologize in advance for any mistakes I may incur about typography or with my writing.
I’m here because I want some help on choosing a typeface that is similar to Garamond, but with less contrast between thin and thick strokes in upper case letters, id est, with thin strokes “less thin”. I mean, I love Garamond, I think it confers some classic flavor to the text, especially when the texts I want to print are Latin classic poems with side translation. But the thinness of the horizontal bar in the H, E and T, or in the legs of M, N, V and A, bothers me, perhaps because I have got a less than perfect vision, also I find it aesthetically unattractive.

art nouveau font in a youtube video. please help!

dear community,

i am looking for the name of an art nouveau(?) font which i have seen at the beginning of a youtube video. I have attached a screenshot, the video itself is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4kDWPfEpMyU
The font whereof i'd like very much to know its name is seen from 00:02 until 00.05.

Thank you very much in advance for your help. I have looked through a lot of font catalogues in the last few days but couldn't find it.
PS: i have already written to the user who created the video but didn't get a response.

Two New Releases


Greater Albion Typefounders have just released two new typefaces on Myfonts.

Eccles is another of our 'Early Victorian' typefaces, a series we started with the Wolverhampton family a little while ago. It might be described as 'extreme-Tuscan' in style but has a delicacy that many other Tuscan faces seem to lack. It's ideal for giving design projects a clear period feel, particularly in design and advertising work. We also see it haveing considerable application in preparing invitations to a certain type of happy event. At the other extreme, some of our younger associates have described it as 'your latest Steampunk font'. So perhaps we'll just have to settle on it having a split personality...

Wolverhampton Launches


Greater Albion Typefounders has just released it's latest family on Myfonts and Fontspring. Wolverhampton is a new Neo-Victorian face from Greater Albion Typefounders. It's something of an example of starting with a small idea and running with it. This family of three typefaces (Regular, Small Capitals and Capitals) was inspired by a line of lettering seen on a late 19th Century enamel advertisement made by Chromo of Wolverhampton (hence the family name). The family grew, topsy-like, from a recreation of these initial fifteen capital letterforms to the three complete typefaces offered here.



I'd like to share and get feedback on a set of capitals I have designed for a client work, maybe it will see the light of day as a font. I'm calling it Exotique, and it's a Modern Display Serif. It is made to be seen at big display sizes.

Cheers and thanks!

Bertolessi and Tulk's Victorian Banner


Greater Albion Typefounders have just released tow new Typefaces on Fontspring and Myfonts:

Bertolessi, is a Roman face made fun, with a healthy dose of filigree curves thrown into the mix. It's an ideal compliment to our extensive Bertoni family, but can be used anywhere a bit of humour and flair is required.

LeBeaune: a new "205" font available

LeBeaune is a contemporary lapidary engraved font with many ligatures and alternative letters.
This font was at first drawn for the famous town in Burgundy (France) for its corporate identity and signage.
This version is entirely redrawn and digitalized.
It's an openType font.
You can have a preview, download the specimen and buy at:

LeBeaune: soon (very soon) available

A new version of this character drawn at first in 1995 for the famous town in Burgundy and its identity and public signage will be available in novembre at "Editions 205".
The font is entirely redrawn, digitalized. Many ligatures are added.
In OpenType format, of course.

LeFrancois : soon available !

LeFrançois is a typeface in OpenType format based on 3 series of capitals.
It seems to be classical but some glyphs show that it's not so conventional.
It's seems to be a typical French type, that's why its name is LeFrançois (with the accent please !)
With a particular work on kerning (about 5000 !) and ligatures, you'll be able to compose words as logotypes thanks to capitals and small caps.
It will be soon available at http://www.editions205.fr

Calligraphy Workshops with Julian Waters at Cooper Union

Two more workshops are being offered at Cooper Union this spring in lettering: "Organic Capitals" April 17 & 18 and "Compressed Styles (Black letter)" May 1 & 2. To see complete workshop details www.cooper.edu/ce

These workshops are appropriate for people who have some background in lettering or calligraphy and are already
comfortable using a broad edged pen. Absolute beginners will struggle but if you're up for the challenge Julian is an excellent teacher to begin with.

(x) Industrial Caps from a Nikon Manual - Futura, Stymie, handdrawn/similar to Refrigerator, Filmotype Glenlake {Lex}

Hello fine typophiles!

I've got an old manual here for a Nikon Motor Drive. I'm entirely enamored of the large, structural capitals reading 'MD-4' - does anyone happen to recognize this face?



Script cap left sidebearings


What's your strategy for left sidebearings on script caps? I'm not taking about scripts where all caps would be legible. I'm taking about scripts with swishy swash script caps where words in all caps will look terrible anyway. Right sidebearings are easy to do because they can be tested against lowercase in words. But what about the left?

In the past I've used sentence endings to gauge the spacing. For example:

Yeah. Apes attacked.

I adjust the left sidebearing on the A so the word space after the period feels right. Whaddya think?