Font Explorer Pro – Classification and Sorting Problem.

since Bohemian Coding discontinued their App Fontcase and it kept crashing(their new App Fonts really doesn’t fit me needs), I finally decided to switch to Font Explorer Pro 4 Mac in hope of long term use and less performance struggles.

First I was a bit overwhelmed of the structure and usability compared to Fontcase. I hat to discover very early that neither merging fonts nor renaming/correcting a font’s info isn’t possible, which makes organizing your Library not essentially easier.

In Fontcase I’ve developed a method which was pretty handy to find and sort fonts very easily (I guess I’m not the only one in doing so).
I had very general Genres like Serif, Sans and Script and the tags defined their attributes like text, Swiss, Dutch, geometrical, rounded and so on.

Font Collection: categories and sub-categories

I am in the process of cleaning up my fontcase library and I am starting off this time by taking better care to define each font into a collection. I have my basic classifications listed already; serif, sans serif, blackletter, script etc etc...

What I am looking for is good deeper classifications others may be using.
Some other Categories I have are Condensed Serif, Condensed Sans Serif and Wood Type

I know these may differ depending on the persons library and preference but I was curious to see how others are breaking their libraries down and hope to get some good ideas in the mean time.