I have a strange problem with one of my fonts - descenders are clipping on Win / Publisher 2013 & Wordpad at least. I can't duplicate the problem by myself on any of my programs on Mac.
I've had some clipping issues sometimes before with fonts exceeding the UPM but now the strange thing is that the font gets clipped directly under baseline?!

Any idea what's this about?

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Type dimensions


I was just reading this thread and Catharsis said "The font is now 1050 ems tall; that's no problem these days, right?". This again made me aware that despite my experience with type design, I still have no idea what the dimensions of a typeface should be.

I made quite comprehensive images to illustrate such things as the anatomy of typography and others, but I don't think I've found a source where the metrics are explained.

Does anybody know the syntaxes of these features (Proportional Alternate Halfwidths and Proportional Alternate Vertical Metrics)?

Years ago I built a bitmap font (ttf outlines) which I would like to use for web embedding in html now.

The font—like most bitmap fonts available back then—was set to be displayed at 8px size which in case of this font is visually roughly an equivalent of 12px Helvetica.

My question is:

Is there an easy way to change the font's metrics so that its px size would be more accurate when used in html?

It still would only have one native size (as it is a bitmap font), but it wouldn't require displaying at 8px in order to be shown at its native 12px anymore.

What metrics should I change?

Thanks for any information.

In a monospaced font, every character must take tha same amount of space, which means

"left sidebearing"+"glyph weight"+"right sidebearing" = X

Is there any way to set my value for X, instead of setting those 3 values one by one?

Is there any way in Font Lab to create glyph specific metrics? For instance, when a capital Y is next to a Capital A I would like to have the Y snuggle up real close with the A, but when the Y is next to a T I don't want it to overlap nearly as much.


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Script cap left sidebearings

What's your strategy for left sidebearings on script caps? I'm not taking about scripts where all caps would be legible. I'm taking about scripts with swishy swash script caps where words in all caps will look terrible anyway. Right sidebearings are easy to do because they can be tested against lowercase in words. But what about the left?

In the past I've used sentence endings to gauge the spacing. For example:

Yeah. Apes attacked.

I adjust the left sidebearing on the A so the word space after the period feels right. Whaddya think?

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