Getting more informations about font catalogues


Hi, I've recently started to work on my first thesis work.

It will be a historical research on typographic catalogues "from Guthenberg to", followed by the creation of a comprehensive font catalogue that will serve as the official font catalogue for the Fine Art Academy in Lecce, where I study.

The catalogue will comprehend a little taste of everything from serif to slab and sans, and the selection is supposed to help the students to get involved into typography, as well as to give them a basic palette of powerful and top-crafted types to work with.

Font Collection: categories and sub-categories

I am in the process of cleaning up my fontcase library and I am starting off this time by taking better care to define each font into a collection. I have my basic classifications listed already; serif, sans serif, blackletter, script etc etc...

What I am looking for is good deeper classifications others may be using.
Some other Categories I have are Condensed Serif, Condensed Sans Serif and Wood Type

I know these may differ depending on the persons library and preference but I was curious to see how others are breaking their libraries down and hope to get some good ideas in the mean time.