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Does anybody know the designer or design studio of GfK’s corporate typeface “Insight” (Insight Print, Insight Screen)?—See: and

Hi Typophiles,

I'm currently designing a brand for a corporate client, in the vein of the new Avois or Eurostar brands. It's shiny, fast, car badge-esque etc, but not so much that it shouldn't appeal to a family friendly/female market, and I need suggestions for a corporate font. Criteria includes:

- Must be by a reputable foundry
- Not be overused already (my biggest problem)
- Be fairly recent (in the last 2-4 yrs?)
- Available from MyFonts as a webfont or TypeKit
- Have enough quirks to be used as a header font but also for text (not essential - if its not suitable for text we can specify a second font)
- Contain multiple weights and italics
- Price range is up to about $50-60 AUD

This article by Steven Heller in the Atlantic about the design of the Arabic font Burj Khalifa Shilia in Dubai may be of interest to some Forum members:

Dr. Mamoun Sakkal

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Ford Font

Anyone knows which is the Ford font?

My dear typophiles,
any idea what this is? It is what EPSON use as corporate typeface.
Is this available anywhere, and if not - is there anything close to it?
My sincerest thanks,

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