sorry, i don't have much context for this. This is something i have from a flattened PSD.

Lichtspiele — A typocalypse display typeface

Cinemas from the early 20th Century are called "Lichtspiele" in Germany. "Lichtspiele" transports you back to a time where neon lights and marquee letters decorated cinema facades.

Of the 5 styles, three have two versions of italics - one for each perspective. Display is your basic style. Neon is inspired by the old neon letters found outside cinemas.
Add Neon Outline to Display or Neon to add another layer to your artwork. Neon 3D is a extruded version of Neon. Screen Credits is based on the liner notes of movie posters.

You can get it at MyFonts for a introduction price of 29,85 USD

Hi all, I'm currently looking for a Tuscan typeface that's either extended or thin. All of the searches I've had only brings up standard tuscan fonts. Any suggestion/recommendations would be HIGHLY appreciated. :)


Hello guys. Im trying to find this guy here, already did searches on sites, I've used FMF too and nothing, hes nowhere! Can you help me with it? I will give you a virtual hug and a very warm thanks. Thanks in advance.

Hello, could you help me identify this font ? I tried searching and asking around, but nothing... Thank you in advance :)


I'm designing a font family of nine weights and when I try it on MS Word here comes the problem. I know MS Word isn't the best typographic program but there are some people that use it and deserve quality on fonts.
The problem happen only in the thinnest style and consist in the following:

As you can see in small sizes the MS Word expand the character shapes and the real proportions aren't showed.

If anybody can help me I apreciate it very much.

Thank you in advance,



Would like to ask for the attached script font to be ID'd. Thanks for your help in advance!

I'm working on a hairline typeface right now, something similar to Marian -- -- and I'm wondering if there's some Python snippet or something out there that allows you to preview your path without expanding it.

I am needing some assistance in IDing a tall san serif font. I have checked my font book and some online resources with no avail. Any help IDing would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance, this forum is the best.

what is this beautiful thin font i just cant put my finger on?

I've danced around the edges of identifying it concretely with Poetica and Norlik Condensed Italic, but neither are quite right.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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RUE type ID help?

Hello can anyone identify this type?
I think it was an old wood cut or a letterpress.

Can anyone tell me what font is being used in the header/logo here? It's very close to the free font, Ostrich Sans...but it's bolder. Open to suggestions of similar fonts too...client just likes this one.

View Font Here: Breanna Rose.

Looking for something with this overall style.


What's the typeface used as the thin display font in the video? On the initial launch screen it reads "make your presentations" (and then "zoom" is in another typeface).

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Point & Pixel

Could I get an Id on this please?

Thanks in advance!

Hello everyone,

I'm looking for a typeface with these features:

- square dots

- base shape for curves: circle

- weights from ultra-thin to bold/black

currently the only one which satisfied these criteria is Gotham by Hoefler.

Please help me!


Any recognizes this wonderful typeface?



You guys have never disappointed me before and I hope you can help me ID this font on Mogwai's album.


Weingut Script Flourish is a decorative display font with high contrasts, perfectly drawn to the tiniest details. The font is trimmed to fairly large font sizes and is highly suitable for chapter titles or book jackets as well as Headlines, Invitations and wine labels, although also impressing with an astounding legibility in small typesettings. Inspired by the hand drawn Blätterschrift from the 19th century Mettenleiter’s Schriftenmagazin, its basic structure is related to the English Script. The creative process started in summer 2009 and after 600 hours of work, over a 2 year period, Weingut now unfolds to reveal all its charms.
Created by Georg Herold-Wildfellner.

Design with bicoloured capitals:

can i get some help for this quick ID:

Hello. Any thoughts on what typeface this is? Thanks.

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Skinny Wide Slab

I've been seeing this around and would like to finally know what it's called. What the Font came up with a couple close ones, but no exact matches I don't think.


(sorry for the small sample)

Hello everyone,
I've been working on a font for a while and I want to take it into a development program to become functional.
However, I want the shapes to be as refined as possible before offering it to the world.

Please be critical, I am taking all comments into consideration.

If you'd like a closer view of a letter or letters please ask and I can attach additional files for critiquing.

Thank you

This case remains unsoved at the WhatTheFont forum. I thought I'd give you Typophiles a crack at it.

It's an older (3-4 years now?) Starbucks advertising font. I haven't seen it anywhere else, so worst-case it's proprietary.

Any ideas?

Any ideas if this is something that can be purchased or is it custom.


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