Harlequin romance novel cover typeface

I've been wracking my brain and searching my type books trying to identify the typeface regularly used on the cover of vintage Harlequin romance novels, but so far I've had no luck.

The good news is I have an extensive sample character set:

It's not Tiffany, though some of the letters are clearly close.

Does anyone have any guesses? This is driving me crazy!

Thank you in advance for any help!

The Bee

Im working on poster and like to hear some fead back I have 2 versions. I started with illustration drawing and now leaning on digital. It is reflection on Time and time by using Kin Hubbard quote «The bee isn't really that busy — it just can't buzz any slower.» Final size will be 40in or abut 101cm high.

Link: The Bees