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New Font Drafts app looking for beta testers

Hello all! I am new to this forum and maybe I guess it's a bit ugly to go straight on to announce a project I am working on. But I hope you might think this is interesting and therefore can forgive me :) It is an iOS app called Font Drafts, designed to boost the font sketching process and I am currently looking for beta testers. If anyone of you are interested, please sign up at the website: http://fontdrafts.com

This seems like a great forum by the way, so I think I might hang around a bit more :)

Helvetica Neue Alternative for theme... must look very much like the iOS Header fonts.

I need a FREE font, that is VERY SIMILAR to the font used in iOS Headers. As far as I know, this is Helvetica Neue, but I can't use the free webfont version as I need to be able to distribute it... this is for a free page heme for tumblr, so no profit is made from this.

Type foundries offering iOS embeddable fonts?

Hello everyone - first post here.

I was wondering if anyone had a list of Type foundries offering iOS embeddable fonts? I've been doing alot of research lately on fonts and applications and there is so much mixed information out there on the licenses. I design a good amount of apps and want to make sure I'm giving the foundries their credit.

I'd be interested in creating a list here for paid, open source, etc in iOS fonts?


Tighten tracking in-font


Hi folks,

I'm in a bit of a dilly of a pickle and I was wondering if any of you had a simple answer for me. The problem is this: I am building an iOS app that allows users to create photobooks on their phone. The problem comes in with the type. I have the font sent to -40 tracking in inDesign but unfortunately the iPhone SDK does not allow for tracking between characters without some pretty headache-inducing coding. So now I'm thinking of tacking a different tack: adjusting the tracking in-font using software like FontLab. Any ideas how to do this? Is it even possible?


Font hinting on iPad?

Does iPad make any use of font hinting, if available, please? I mean not just safari browser, but the device itself, e.g. in purchased apps.

As far as I know, the CoreText rendering engine on Mac OS X completely ignores font hinting and rather employs subpixel antialiasing (source: http://www.typotheque.com/articles/hinting).

However, iOS devices do not use subpixel antialiasing (probably due to portrait/landscape orientation switching) and do only standard "grayscale" antialiasing, which obviously leads to less precise results. So I am wondering whether or not do they make any use of font hinting (to compensate this)?