Hello folks,

Do you have any suggestion (free) font manager for Windows? It had been hard for me to check one by one in Word or Photoshop the bad font and the good one, deleting multiple fonts, testing font without installing, and may be categorising fonts installed.


I need some help identifying the font used for the AD Computer logo.

the letterforms are a bit wonky on this image because it's an auto-trace of a screen grab from their website here:

Any leads identifying this or similar font suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Hey everyone.
I'm struggling to find a font I really like that I've seen on a computer repair site.

The site is:

The logo at the top says, "Big Byte Computer Services," and that's the font I'm trying to figure out. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Dear all,

I came across this wired typefaces and don`t have anything in mind that comes close to it.
I guess it is a custom made font – but i'm also interested in anything going in that direction! Thanks for your tips!


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