I've upgraded Fontlab to 5.1.2 and my Mac to 10.8.1 and (now?) no kerning classes are working.

Existing files have stopped working; existing sets work for only the main glyph, and new/fresh attempts fail as well.

Typical sets look like this for my existing file left-side classes:
_VW_L: V' W Wacute Wcircumflex Wdieresis Wgrave

This had been working perfectly for the last few years of development.

So I've tried this:

• Make a new file with only A, V, and W
• Drew new shapes in each (no copy, all new info and shapes)
• Built a kerning class called _V with _V: V' W as the class
• Went to Kerning Mode and typed AVAWA
• Dragged the second A towards the V

The A is closer to the V as I moved it, but the third A doesn't move closer to the W

I know, I know…

There's utterly millions of such faces on the 'net and I've exhausted Dafont and Urbanfonts for this one - same client as the recently solved post on this forum.

In the offchance anyone's used this and has an instant recognisation I'd be immensely grateful. I shall now make a mental note not to abuse this resource, which I'm currently doing. :(


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