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How do you evaluate (and show client) typefaces for magazine body copy?

Hi there,

I have a client wanting to redesign a magazine, including fonts for body text as well as headers, callouts, etc. What is the best way to compile and show, on paper, what different fonts look like in print? I'm finding that some foundries have PDF samples of text, but others and MyFonts don't, so not sure what the best strategy would be. Any resources you recommend?

Thanks so much for your help.


a discussion on Typographic 'Niceties'

Hey! this is my first post! I have already searched to find a specific discussion on typographic 'Niceties' however came up a bit short. Everyone knows typography is one of the designer's core tools. The designer uses type to communicate appropriately, to suggest a mood and a character and to contribute to page and layout dynamics, for both printed and screen based formats such as a tablet or smart phone. its obvious understanding the rules and key facts of typographic detailing will create better communication with the read/viewer.

Good typography should be invisible, yet typography should grab the reader's attention using imaginative solutions.